About Me

 I am not now, nor have I ever been a princess. Princesses sit around and look pretty, We all know who does all the work...the Queen.  I am the Queen of my own little world, and I like it just fine.

Why Tiaras? Why not?  Everything is better in a tiara.  My Diva girlfriends and I have been wearing them for almost 20 years.  I wear them while having adventures, Doctor's appointment, and when I need to feel special.   I started out wearing them at home to do housework. My son knew things were about to get real when I pulled out my tiara.   Back then, it was the biggest rhinestone tiara I could find on ebay.   Soon I wore it on long car trips and camping with the Divas,  and their families.  It was around a campfire that the Divas and I made the first tiaras out of wire and beads and I never stopped.  

I share my secluded country home in Southern Ohio, with my honey, John, and a mess of animals.  Right now: 2 dogs, 3 cats, 6 ducks, 8 chickens 1 guinea hen and two very large tortoises.  If you see me at a show and ask, I will show you photos of my house, the caves and waterfalls in my back yard and my animals.  

It is a huge blessing that I can support us by making tiaras.  This is my passion and all I think about. It is a joy and privilege that I get to travel around the country doing art fairs and shows and meet so many people.